Mir General Trading represents Fertile Green Inc, a south Indian manufacturing company that produces feed & feed supplement products for all kinds of Livestock, from Mineral mixtures to ration balanced Total Mixed Ration. We operate the largest TMR mixer in India with over 30 Cubic Metre Capacity, directly imported from France.

The state of the art manufacturing plant has the ability to manufacture 50,000 Metric tons of Forage products which focuses on dairy and meat industry.

In case you have a (Cow/Buffalo/Sheep/Goat/Camel/Horse), for Hobby, Dairy or Meat farm, we take up custom manufacturing and supply Total Mixed Ration.

As per your requirement, we supply our product right up to your farm gate and handle your complete feeding regime. We produce roughages, concentrates and supplements, mix them all in required proportions, give them fantabulous packing.

We have the capacity to manage and supply high tonnages of most of our products with the help of our farmers and from our company’s own farming lands.


Start Retail Outlet and become a Supplier. Contact# +91 98499 85858; +91 98490 08772


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